Ch Firebird Mirthful Flight,
CGC, JC, FCh, NACA ptd
26 Jul 94 - 15 Nov 03, hemangiosarcoma
Ch Zephyr's Reach Magic Mirth, LCM, CC, CM X Zephyr's Reach Firebird M., CGC, CD
Yankee was a special dog.   He was gentle, funny, and intelligent.  I never really had to train him to do things.  He just did them.  But with that Borzoi personality came the sighthound double edge:  he'd do things if needed, but ignored unnecessary, repetitious demands as superfluous.  Yankee was very cool about following me around the house.  He never made a big fuss or demonstration about it; he would just appear where ever I was at.

As a show dog, Yankee was sometimes overlooked for bigger, whiter dogs.  He was a smaller male, only 30.5 inches, but strongly made at 83 pounds.  He had a broad loin, long fall-away, and a lovely long neck.  Movement wise, he had a wonderful long, elegant sidegait that can only be described as effortless with drive.

As a coursing dog, his keeness for the lure and for live jackrabbits were pure fire and instilled a love of competitive coursing in me to the present day. He won a Region 1 BoB and the SISFA Season Championship one of the few times my dogs have competed for it.  He was more than halfway to his North American Coursing Assn title in the few times we made it to official events.

As a sire, Yankee's pups have inherited his sense of humor, strong rear, and keeness.  I am blessed with the owners of his puppies that have taken them to their many titles, enabling Yankee to become a Borzoi Club of America Register of Merit sire with only two litters totalling 13 puppies..
His first litter (6) was out of
NCC FC Teine Mayberry Tesseract, LCMII, GRC, MC (w 28 Nov 01)

UC Int'l Teine Firebird Angel Flight, CGC, SC, RN, BN (ASFA ptd)
UC Nat'l Ch Teine Firebird Flight Master, CGC, RN, SC, FCh, GRC
FC Teine Firebird Vanishing Point, LCM
Teine Firebird Flight of Fancy, CGC, JC, FCh, RE, CD
UC Int'l Teine Firebird My Nighthawk, CGC
Teine Firebird Wing and a Prayer, JC
His second litter (7) was out of
UC AC/SAC Yah-Borick Iskra, CGC, ROM

Firebird Juls Gates of Dawn, CGC, SC, RN (ASFA ptd)
Ch Firebird Juls High Hopes, CGC, JC, RN, FCh, GRC, VLAA
Firebird Juls Delicate Sound, CGC, SC, GRC (ASFA ptd)
Ch/UC Int'l Ch Firebird Juls on the Run, CGC, JC (ASFA ptd)
Int'l Ch Firebird Juls Raise the Blade, CGC, RN
Int'l Ch Firebird Run Like Hell, CGC, JC, RN, FCh (major ptd)
Firebird Juls Biding My Time, CGC, RN

Remember when you were young,
you shone like the sun.
Shine on you crazy diamond.
Nobody knows where you are,
How near or how far.
Shine on you crazy diamond.
Pile on many more layers
And I'll be joining you there.
Shine on you crazy diamond.
And we'll bask in the shadow
Of yesterday's triumph,
Sail on the steel breeze.
Come on you boy child,
You winner and loser,
Come on you miner
For truth and delusion, and shine!
~lyrics by Pink Floyd
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