Firebird Juls Gates of Dawn, CGC, SC, RN
2 BN legs
Ch Firebird Mirthful Flight, CGC, JC, FCh X
AC/SAC Int Ch Yah-Borick Iskra, CGC
LacyLu enjoyed running and playing with balls.  She enjoyed stealing food from counter tops and thundering in and laying on the bed with her owners Adrianne and Ian.  Her gentle personality and lovely long white waves were a joy to her owners. 

Sadly, LacyLu  returned back (9/09) to Corrine's home.  We sadly miss our dear friend, Adrianne.  LacyLu went to live a good life with a junior, Caleb Davidson, who trained her in 4-H and showed at AKC shows with her.  Lacy and Caleb won a Junior's class together and also obtained 2 BN  legs!  Way to go!  I am sure Adrianne approved of the love being showered on LacyLu in her new home.  Sadly, we lost LacyLu 2 Feb 2013 to a rapidly growing carcinoma.
LacyLu and Caleb winning their showmanship class, the same day they obtained a BN leg.  That's just awesome!  Lacy enjoyed sleeping in Caleb's room.  Thank you to the Davidsons for loving this big goof.
Running photos on this page by David Mills
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