Int Ch Teine Firebird Angel Flight, CGC, SC, RN, BN
V-1 rated,ASFA Breed Winner, GRC ptd, AKC LC major ptd & BOB
Photo by Southard Photography
Saint Rita.  This lovely bitch is sound coming and going, with the strong rear typical of this litter.  Scissors, full dentition (like all the puppies in this litter).  Rita is starting to mature nicely now, and has a perfect long low tail.  Her mannerisms speak in spades of her grandmother, Morgana.  Little Rita debuted lure coursing fall of '03, and had the highest score in trial, a 315.  Go Rita go!  She now has two BOBs with 42 points.  Rita went to California in March 2007 and came home with a 5 point and a 4 point major at the AKC lure trials.  Way to go, Little Rita! 

Watch for her comic strip, "A Little Bit of Rita," featured in Borzoi Digest!

Rita and Natalya winning Best Junior in June, 2008
St Rita
December 2007