Nat'l Ch Teine Firebird Flight Master, CGC, SC, FCh, RN, GRC
ASFA & AKC LC BoB, NACA ptd, All breed Best in Match, V-1 rated
28 Nov 01 - 6 Feb 09**
Sterling was dead sound front and rear, with the beautiful bladed bone that all the pups in this litter seem to have.  Sterling was a very fancy, almost English looking dog.  He has a beautiful, well filled head with tiny ears.  He was an interesting blend of power, sturdy build, and elegance.

Sterling finished his Field Championship on September 3, 2005 with three BoBs!  WAY TO GO STERLS!!!  Sterling also has had great success being shown by Natalya.  She was nine when she placed the UCI title on him.

Sterling  finished his RN on 13 Oct 2006.  He placed 4th at the National Speciality in Rally Nov B
(click here for picture) AND also placed second in the AKC lure trial for 3 points!  What a versatile, fun dog.  He now has a total of 9 AKC LC points in 4 trials.  click here for a photo from the March 07 California trial.  Photo by Southard.

My heart was broken when I found him dead one morning, sleeping in the computer room.  Upon PM, the vet found a totally healthy dog, nothing wrong with his heart or anything.  This was an incredibly hard death for me to take.

Sterling was #4 LGRA Borzoi for 2007.
Digital coursing image courtesy of Pepper Nix photography
Sterling going BiM
Handsome Sterls
Sterling winning a LGRA trial January 2007
Photo by Owen Clouss
Sterling, 2.5, RWD, and Natalya, 6
CERF BZ-1315/2007--68
** Cause of death unknown - autopsy inconclusive - vet could fine nothing wrong
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Sterling moving at 6 years of age.
Sterling's lovely form April 2006.  Photo by Byron McCombs.