The story of MY Saint Rita
Most of you know how Loverly Rita got her name - Anne called her Morita almost since her birth for her resemblance to her grandmother.

  When I went out to pick up the puppies last winter, Juls and I took a road trip and saw a St Rita's hospital.  I thought that was extremely funny, SAINT Rita!  Since Rita's personality is more like a demon's, I loved the irony.  Her registered name became Teine Firebird Angel Flight to reflect her sainthood.

  Last night ( 16 Jul 02) the Kid and I went to watch a $1 movie, and we chose "The Rookie" with Dennis Quaid.  Imagine my surprise when St Rita was mentioned over and over, quote as "the patron of impossible dreams."  From a website about her: "Among the other areas, Rita is well-known as a patron of desperate, seemingly impossible causes and situations."

  St Rita is also the Patron Saint of Athletes!

  How fitting that Rita is the Saint of impossible dreams.  My Rta was the first born of a litter I never thought to see born.
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