AC/SAC Yah-Borick Iskra, CGC
GRC ptd
(24 Dec 1996 - 15 June 2011)
International Veteran Champion and International SUPER Veteran Champion
V-1 rated
LeeLu at 8 and a half, winning Best in Show Veteran at the Puget Sound Borzoi Club shown by Melissa Egbert, under judge Amy Sorbie, Kyrov .  This nearly perfect bitch was the mother of our Momentary Lapse of Reason litter born December 02.  She had the light, long, elegant sidegait of her Zephyr's Reach ancestors.  She had full dentition and a lovely scissors bite.
photo by Nolan Rundquist
She proved the strength and soundness of her heritage by not getting older, but by getting better.  First picture, June 2005, at 8.5, winning First in Veteran Group under judge Joe Tacker with co-breeder Corrine, and at the Puget Sound Borzoi Club getting ready to win Best Veteran with Melissa Egbert, August 2005.
At well over ten years old running in LGRA, Spring of '07,  Photo by Owen Clouss. 
LeeLu was GRC ptd at 10+ years of age!
as a veteran, she has won the following:
VETERAN CHAMPION, AUGUST 03, IABCA, judges Patty Smith, Leonora Riddle, and Elaine Young
Best in Veteran Group, June 05, Joe Tacker (shown by Corrine)
Best Opposite Veteran Sweeps, August 26th, 2005, PSBC, Susan Deghi, Orozova (Corrine)
Best Veteran in Show, August 26, 2005, PSBC, Amy Sorbie, Kryov (Melissa, pictured)
Best Opposite Veteran Sweeps, August 27th, 2005, PSBC, Dr Anne Midgarden, Teine (Melissa)
Best Veteran in Show, August 27th, 2005, PSBC, Irving Bonios, Karistan (Corrine)
First LGRA Point, August 11, 2007
Best in Veteran Sweepstakes, August 24th, 2007, PSBC, Monica Barry, Laureate (Melissa)
Best Veteran and Award of Merit, August 24th, 2007, PSBC, Donna Webster (Melissa)
Best in Show Veteran, IABCA April 12, 2008
Award of Merit, August 23, 2008, Diane McCormack (Melissa)
This is lovely moving LeeLu getting more V-1s and her Super Veteran Champion
at 11 and a half years of age - April 08.  Photo by Liz Campbell.
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