Am/Int Ch Yah-Borick Sabaka, CGC
V-1 rated, NACA ptd
Best in Show Veteran, 10 June 04
I gave myself a challenge with this wild dog.  He was so handsome and sound moving I thought it was a waste for him not to be seen in the show ring, so I wanted to see if I could make him do it.  Whether we won or not didn't matter really - it was if I could get him to be well-behaved in the process.  He has came from a dog I couldn't even touch to one who happily goes into the showring, just so he can be with me.  In fact, he's better behaved than the dogs I have raised from birth (no surprise here for anyone who knows "The Boys").
Ivan's pedigree
Yah-Borick Kiryukhin X Yah-Borick Firebird Viktoria, JC
"The wildest horses make the
best ones"
Ivan's Vital Statistics
24 Dec 96 - 21 May 06 - victim of a terrible, unforeseen accident. 
Rest in Peace, dear friend.  Your loving owners, Rick & Corrine

Ivan's Winnings


4th Place American Bred, National Specialty, 2003
Best in Show Veteran and Bred-By Veteran, IABCA, 2 Aug 03
Best in Show Veteran and Bred-By Veteran, IABCA, 3 Aug 03
Group 1 and Reserve Best in Show Bred By, IACBA, 3 Aug 03
Best of Breed over Special, 19 October 2003
Best of Breed, 16 April 2004

Best of Breed, 15 May 2004

Best of Breed, 16 May 2004
CGC 8 June 04 FINISHES FROM BRED BY, 8 June 2004, undefeated for WD in 9 shows straight
Best of Breed over special, 9 June 2004 and cut in group