UCICB Int'l Ch Firebird Juls Run Like Hell, CGC, JC, FCh, RN, V-1 rated
Ch Firebird Mirthful Flight, CGC, JC, FCh X
AC/SAC Int Ch Yah-Borick Iskra, CGC
Matisse is a beautiful male Borzoi with masculine good looks and sighthound elegance.  He is speedy and sound with a light easy daisy cutter gait.  He is an ASFA breed winner and a good runner in the open field.  His spirited personality is funny and happy and he will play tug and chase balls for as long as you're willing.  AKC breed winner, major pointed; ASFA breed winner.  Reserve Bred By Best in Show Winner, IABCA.  Bred By group 3 winner, AKC.  OFA # BZ-CA467/41M/C-PI, CERF BZ-1316/2007--56.   Matisse lacks one major to finish his AKC bench championship.  He also has a Best in Match win - 7 Sep 08   Tragically, I lost Matisse on 11 Nov 08 - mesentery torsion
Breed win over specials, 4 point major, judge Bob Moore, 16 June 2007 from Bred by
Matisse at the 2006 National
The quiz couldn't have been more fitting -
Matisse and I winning the costume contest at the National.  Notice his smile  - being a salmon appealed to his wonderful sense of humor!
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Photo by Byron McCombs
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