Flight of Fancy Finches
Zebra Finch
Poephila guttata
Color: Florida Fancy
Zebra finches are happy, active birds.  They are inquisitive and intelligent, but like all finches, do not like to be handled and will not learn tricks.  Their charm stems from their bouncy nature and bright colors.  Zebra finches are dimorphic, which means that the males differ from appearance from the females. Cock birds have cheek patches, spotted sides, barred chests, and darker beaks and legs than hens.  They brighten up the home with their cheerful chirping (which sounds like a toy horn) and inquisitive antics.  Along with the society finch, they are the easiest of pet birds to breed, and indeed, sometimes it's easier to get them started than to get them stopped.  Zebra finches are from Australia and breed in the wet season.  In captivity, every day seems bountiful so they will breed continuously.  They are easy to find and very hardy.
I mostly work with the Florida Fancy mutation as it is a very striking and easy to breed color, but have recently acquired some black cheek zebra finches which are very beautiful and rare.
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