Flight of Fancy Finches
Society Finch (Lonchura domestica)
Color:  Silver
Out of all of the color mutations, silver is perhaps one of the most lovely.  The bird pictured above is a young hen.  Silver is a dilution of chestnut and is a lovely soft color much like a lightly tarnished silver spoon at your grandmother's house.  It is a simple recessive - a bird must receive a double copy of this dilution in order to express this lovely color.  The bird pictured in the rear is a pied silver.  Of course, the "silver" color can vary in intensity.  This bird happens to have very nice coloring.
Society Finch (Lonchura domestica)
Color:  Clearwing
The counterpart of silver, clearwing is a fawn dilution which results in a softly colored bird with a "light" area in the middle.  The best birds are darker on the head and tail and almost white in the center.  This is going to be an extremely interesting and challenging mutation to work with.
Society Finch (Lonchura domestica)
Color:  Self Grey Fawn, bonten
Grey is a dilution and works on all colors, but is the most noticeable with the fawns and chestnuts.  The mutation orginated in Europe.  My birds are all descended from birds that were imported from Japan.  This is my pretty bonten hen, Cher.  She is an extremely good mother and has beautiful coloring.
My birds:
I also raise self colors in brown-black, fox red, brown, chestnut, and now albino too!
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