Flight of Fancy Finches
I am no longer breeding finches.  I have a few black cheek zebra finches from time to time.
Society Finches
Society finches are my main "breed" and are very gentle birds.  Although plain in color next to some other kinds of finches, they have charming antics and are good birds for beginners.  The males sing and dance and build nests constantly.  I highly recommend them!
Java Rice Birds
Java Rice Birds are larger, heavy bodied finches with really cute giant pink beaks.  When purchased young, they can be hand tamed and make a charming pet.  They are the only finches that will tolerate hand taming without being hand fed.  They are often pictured in oriental art. All varieties are very pretty, indeed.
Zebra Finches
Zebra finches are very common, but some of the mutations are not.  They are extremely chirpy, bouncy birds with an endearing curiousity.  They are very pretty, even in the "wild" coloration and are extremely hardy and easy to breed.

Black Cheek:
$15 and up
My birds:
Frilled mutations (Society finches)
Common pied birds (Society finches)
Zebra Finches (Florida Fancy mutation)
Color Mutations (Society finches)
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