Flight of Fancy Finches
Society Finch (Lonchura domestica)
Color:  Saddleback pied chocolate
Type:  Chuunagon frill
The bird pictured above is a young male.    As you can see, he has a little "hat" of feathers on his head.  Additionally, he has another set of feathers on his neck facing forward.  These two swirls of wicky-wacky feathers makes this bird a Chunagon or Chuunagon frilled bird.    Basically, he looks as if my Borzoi have been licking him on the head and neck and made some of the feathers point the wrong way :-)  It is a charming mutation and a simple dominant as far as I can tell from reading about it, although some frilled birds do not "openly" express their frilled-ness, they will have a couple of twisted feathers in the area of the frill.  All of the fancy frills originated in Japan.
The bird picture to the left is a Bonten or crested bird.  She is just like the Chuunagon above except she lacks the neck frill.  Although her color appears white, she actually is a chestnut "split" for fawn, which means she is a heterozygous and carries two colors.  She is a good exmaple of an "extreme pied" bird, which is a bird that has no color but is not "white" genetically but has such large areas of pied coloration that it masks her colors. By test breeding her to a fawn pied male, I was able to find out what "color" she actually is.  I have several of the Bonten mutation, including selfs and rare colors.
Society Finch (Lonchura domestica)
Color:  Dark-eyed White (DEW)
Type:  Bonten  frill
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