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Black Family, foundation
Spread, black hen
Behind most of my birds. 
Myron Berger, breeder
Vegemite, black cock
Powerhouse producer 
John Augsberger, breeder
Black splash hen
John Augsberger, breeder
Reduced black hen
John Augsberger, breeder
Black cock
Brian McCormick, breeder
Black cock
Brian McCormick, breeder
Andalusian cock
Matt Matuska, breeder
I have been extremely fortunate to start out with such nice birds.  I have John Augsberger to thank for starting me right and teaching me about type.  From there, meeting everyone at the NPA Grand National in 2010 and learning even more and the generosity of many West breeders.

Thank you to John, Matt Matuska, and Brian McCormick for your quality birds.
I now am diversifying a bit with pattern birds.  Click here to see my pattern foundation.
At the left is "Pinky," bred by Michelle Smith.  He is an awesome opal (oD) bird. pictured at 5 months of age.
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