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Southern Idaho
Birmingham Rollers
Budapest SF Tumblers
Uzbekistan Tumblers
West of England Tumblers
Currently, as of February 2013

West of England Tumblers
National West of England Club banded (NPA)

Pedigreed.  $10 and up.
2012 Silver grizzle hens, black cocks. Quality birds.

Reserve 2013 birds early in
black, reduced black (gray lace), Andalusian, opal, and bar/checker/grizzle.  Email for details.

Quality, prespoiled birds available in limited quantities.

Pictured below:
Typical black young cock
Birmingham Rollers
By order only.
Uzbekistan Tumblers

Sold Out.
Some stock and show quality birds available.
SPECIAL DEALS for 4-H kids!!

Experienced shipper.
Prices on birds do not reflect shipping
and/or NWOETC member discounts.