Flight of Fancy Finches
Society Finch (Lonchura domestica)
Color:  Saddleback pied chocolate
Type:  Chuunagon frill
A new diversion for me!  When I lost my favorite Borzoi (Yankee) in November of 2003, I had to have something to get my mind off of dogs.  Thanks to my friend, Pam Mayberry, I found a suitable diversion: finches.

I have so enjoyed my ever expanding hobby in finches.  They relax me so much.  I am also enjoying playing with genetics as I breed them.

My main breed is the charming
Society Finch (Bengalese).  I have some rare mutations as well as the common colors.  They are very nice birds; they get along with all of the other birds and are reliable breeders.  The males have a cute, silly song and constantly build nests.  Society finches are considered monomorphic, which means the sexes look identical.  The only way to sex them is to see the males singing (and doing their silly, hopping dance).

Occasionally I have some excess birds for sale.  They make lovely additions with their charming, sweet antics. 

I also have a few
Zebra finches (Poephila guttata) and Java Rice Birds (Padda oryzivora).  Occasionally I have excess in both of these breeds for sale to loving homes.  

I hope you enjoy my hobby.

All photos on these bird pages were taken by my friend, Julie Hislop.
My birds:
Exotic color mutations (Society finches)
Heavenly Russian Tumbler Pigeons and friendly fowl
Frilled mutations (Society finches)
Common pied birds (Society finches)
Zebra Finches (Florida Fancy mutation)
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