HP350 Toast
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West of England Tumblers
Pattern Family, foundation
Honey, creamie cock
He was the start of West madness
Rick Norgaard, breeder
Little Sanchez
Silver bar cock
Robert Sanchez, breeder
Red checker cock
John Augsberger, breeder
khaki bar hen
Terry Bishop, breeder
Silver bar hen
Terry Brechbill, breeder
Strawberry Cobblers
Red grizzle hen
Van Copple, breeder
Silver cock
Robert Sanchez, breeder
One upon a time a girl went to a pigeon show and saw some cute birds.  She got a "pair" that both turned out to be cocks.  She kept one and gave the other to a friend.  The one she kept was named Honey and he stole her heart.

That girl was me.  And that's how I got started in Wests!

I started working with blacks in 07, and the two pattern cocks, Honey and Jam, just kind of sat there for a few years until Robert Sanchez and Terry Bishop so generously offered me the above beautiful birds.  Thank you, gentlemen.  I am overwhelmed.
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