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Pigeons are wonderful pets.  I enjoy showing and breeding them and also hanging out with pigeon people at my club, Treasure Valley Pigeon Club.

I currently own three breeds:

Birmingham Rollers
Uzbek Tumblers
West of England Tumblers
NEW ADDITION:  Budapest Tumblers

Uzbeks are what got me into pigeons.  They have the cutest baby doll faces with shell crests, nasal tufts, and sometimes little eye crests.  Mine are mostly clean legged.  I am not sure they are really show quality but they are awfully cute.

Wests came along because I saw them at a pigeon show and fell in love with their general look.  I am trying to become competitive with them show-wise, which requires learning about the genetics behind my birds and putting the best pairs together.

The rollers are mostly for flying.  When I saw Eldon Crabtree's kits flying I wanted to get my own.  They are also handsome appearing birds.  I am trying to breed white flights into mine as that looks very nice in the sky.
News Flash!  My silver bar hen wins Champion at the NWOETC 4th District Show, 5 Nov 2011!
Some of my Uzbeks in the loft.  They are very cute birds.  I have many colors, including white. 
My ideal roller, Derek.  He was handsome with white flights and did many short rolls as well as being a sweet pet who loved peanuts.  I have two of his sons.
Wests are my show birds.  Nothing is as beautiful.  They also have the plus of being very friendly easily tamed birds.  This is Mean Black Baby, one of my good black Wests and a Reserve Champion.  You can see more of my Wests with this link.
I was very lucky to be able to attend the 2010 NPA Grand Nationals.  While there, I bought the cock bird pictured at right, #7553, "Andy Bird," from Matt Matuska.  I am looking forward to seeing what he'll do with my birds, breeding wise.

I am very excited to announce the arrival of two very handsome black cocks from the bmc loft of Brian McCormick  (California) in Feb 10.
Photo by Matt Matuska
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