Through the Never
whelped 31 December 2008
All three boys have the smiling gene :-)

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Ch Firebird Juls Enter Sandman, CGC, JC, RN, FCh, VLAA
ASFA Breed Winner/AKC Bench BoB
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Robin is a chunky lad with a sweet face and a wagging tail.
He already has a case of the grinnies, just like both parents.
He has a typical, sound light gait.  He is a Group 1 match winner at 5 mos.
Third generation homebred Ch/ASFA FCh. He is a masculine version of his lovely mother.
He has sound construction and is a good rabbit hunter.
Robin and Natalya were Canyon County's 4-H obedience Grand Champion for 2011.
Robbie finished easily with 4 majors, exclusively from the bred by class.
Firebird Juls Hero of the Day
Davies was a particularly keen boy who wanted to please.
He'd always been good on his feet.  Lucky boy was living with Jan and Gil Bailey. 
We lost dear Davies to a grass awn in August 2012.  Sincere synpathy to Jan.
Firebird Juls Ride the Lightning, CGC, JC, RN, FCh
ASFA Breed Winner
Reef is a lovely houndy pup who loves to be trained and loves the lure.
He has a lot of angles and very cute ears.
He's a lap sitter.  Reef is awesome on jackrabbits already, a very good hunter with speed. 
Reefer makes everyone smile with his silly grinnies. 
He has never been shown at AKC shows.  He is working on his BN  title because he adores obedience. 
He has had a promising start in LGRA racing.