Every Dog Has His Day, by JR

My Mom sometimes calls me worthless, and I really don't understand why. She says I am handsome but too short for the show ring, so she doesn't show me, except at matches. A couple of times I have beaten my taller brother, Yankee, I think it's because I am so much more handsome, but Mom says it's because I have a better shoulder than he does. So what. Whenever he wins later when Mom isn't looking I grab his long pointy snout and squeeze it a little.

Typewise, Mom says I take after my biological mother, Morgana. I am the color of my father, Magic, but that cocky brother of mine looks more like him. I am short and buffed out, just like my biological mom.

ANYway, sometimes I lure course, and I like it, WHEN I feel like running, another reason Mom says I am worthless. I don't understand why. I can do a very good job when I feel like it. Once my brother and I were coursing and after we were all done Mom screamed hugged that brother of mine with tears running down her face. There was a big to-do about her first field champion and all that. Whoop-dee do. I can beat my brother when I cut the corners, it's not my fault he's stupid and follows that piece of plastic around all the way. Once the lure broke three times in one course and STRANGERS caught me. Oh, it was horrible. I only like Mom to catch me and I will tolerate the one they call Dad, but STRANGERS? Ugh! After that I prefered to follow the lure about half way out then come back to mom and wait for it. Much safer, and smarter too. Mom says it's smart too but sometimes she sighs and hugs me. "JR, you are WORTHLESS. You have 78 ASFA points and you'll never finish your title."

I guess I am not so useful in obedience, either, although I am not sure why. I liked going to class a lot. I liked the heel thing okay and always make sure to carry my tail really high because I am so proud of myself. Now she's training my adopted brother Sherman and she just shakes her head at me. She says Sherman is learning really fast. Heck, I am a fast learner! I know where the Vitabones are, what drawer my stuffed mousey is in, and what time dinner is! A person has to give a fellow credit. Mom isn't too shabby, either. I taught her to shake hands in only two tries!

One day Mom was all excited about something called an open field course, and she was going to take me and my brother and our adopted brother Sherman. She kept saying that I was just going for fun because I was too lazy to run after rabbits very well. So early one morning we got in the truck and traveled for a long ways. Then when we got out, I could see it was exciting country. It smelled good, full of dust and snow and wild animal smells. We walked for a long way that day. I was excited when I saw how many rabbits there were in that field, but Mom kept me on the lead all the time. I was disappointed - all those rabbits got me all fired up!

Then Mom put a blanket on me and my coursing lead, my beautiful blue one that I look extra handsome in, and it matched my beautiful blue blanket. I knew I looked stunning, but more than that, I knew from lure coursing that when they put the blanket on it's time to run! It was weird to start walking again. But then something quite extraordinary happened...a rabbit jumped out and Mom let me go! I was so keen to catch that rabbit. When I came back to Mom I was wagging my tail to tell her how much fun I had!

Later I heard Mom telling our friend Rick that I made the finals, what ever that meant, and that my dreaded brother Yankee and I would be in the top three Borzoi that day. I think she fully expected that brother of mine to win, pencil neck that he is. I decided that next time we played grizzly bear I would nip him extra hard for that.

We had a nice race through the field, my brother and another tall hound, and again I wagged my tail to show Mom how much fun I was having. We went back to the truck to have a nice drink and a lady brought out some strips of ribbons and everyone was clapping. When they announced that second place was my brother, Mom hugged and hugged me. I learned I had won the Borzoi hunt. Well, what did she expect? I knew it all along.

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