About Firebird Borzoi


I like a male between 30 to 31 inches tall, but will accept them from 28-32 inches. After all, the American Standard states that 28 inches is acceptable. I like my bitches to be about 28 inches tall but an inch either way is fine. I probably like a shorter Borzoi than many people do, but I like dogs that run well, and so far I haven't seen many really large ones run really well (but I have seen a few - Diana Robinson's Orion comes to mind). Notice that I didn't say a SMALL Borzoi. A Borzoi should not be small - i.e., runty, no width, or dainty. A Borzoi should carry a medium to fine bone with lots of muscle and some width to the rib cage. I like to see a broad, muscular loin on my Borzoi. The most important part of the Borzoi, since I like athletic ones, is a good back. A good back is the foundation for a running hound. It should be flexible and not too extreme. I like my withers and hips set about the same plane, with a gentle rise starting about mid-back, high point peaking over the last rib, and a gentle fallaway over a wide croup. The croup should not be too steep. The real test of a good back is to get the dog out in the open field and watch him open up and flex that back. I also must have a good hare foot and nice legs on my hounds. I like all four feet pointing forwards. A little toeing out is fine, but not too much. The chest should be deep and not too narrow. I like to feel a little keel bone on my dogs, because this indicates a well-set shoulder. Notice I said a little. Too much and it's the wrong kind of shoulder for a sighthound. Necks I like medium length with a nice arch and strong muscles. The shoulders should be well-laid back for a sighthound and should have a long, well-placed upper arm. Flat muscles here are nice. A good rear really excites me, so I like 'em strong, wide and long. The tail can never be too long for me. As far as the head, I like large kind eyes (not buggy eyes or round eyes), preferably of a dark color. The head should be well-shaped and long. Nice black pigment full covering the lips and around the eyes is nice, very beautiful. I like a roman finish to the nose and tiny, high set ears. The head should have some veining and prominent eyebrows. The expression should be fiery yet gentle. This may sound contradictory, but when one knows the Borzoi, it all makes sense. Movement at the trot should be springy and free with DRIVE from the rear. I like them to single-track. Tail should be kept low. When the hound gallops, it should be as free and as flexible as possible. There's nothing in the world like a hound taking those loooong full-out strides.
The Russian Standard
The American Standard
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