Ch Teine Firebird Tulane Blacktop, CGC, JC, RA, CD
GRC ptd, ASFA breed winner
Photo by Randy Gaines
Photo at 6 years of age handled by junior Natalya Miller
Chabibi's Korona-Kazan, SC, LCM, SGRC, ORC
Am/Ger Ch Teine Devil May Care, FCh
whelped 8 Jul 2008

A special thank you to Tom and KC for his early loving and training.
Tulane is a very gentle natured dog who has lure interest.
He is my fourteenth CGC, and at 10.5 months, my youngest one.
He also got his RN on his 15 month birthday and his JC right before that.
Thanks to my friend, Dr Anne Midgarden, for convincing me that I needed him.
He's my Boy Wonder!
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Photo at 15 months