In loving memory
My wonderful Tibbies
The Tibbies are the only dogs that have gotten under my skin the way the Borzoi have. I love them for their loyalty, intelligence, and independence.  There are few sights as beautiful as a pack of Tibbies skimming the earth in a joyful run (unless they are escaping...).

Buffy lived her whole long life as my companion, even though she was supposed to be my mother's Christmas present.  I taught her many tricks, such as roll over, play dead, sit-up, pray, speak, jump through the hoop and crawl.  She excelled at speak, sometimes speaking when I didn't want her to.  She had a sweater I crocheted her that she hated and also had an intense dislike of our neighbor's chessie named PH.  All I had to do to make her psycho was to utter his name.

Raki was given to me at age 5 after his specials career by my friend Sandy.  He was the ultimate Tibbie for me.  He exuded Tibbie Type and also had that special Tibbie Personality.  I was supposed to train him for obedience work, but Raki trained me instead.  He taught me to come by sliding under the coffee table and howling, and he taught me never EVER to let him off leash of even a nanu-second because he would edge away and be gone in a flash.  He loved riding in the car but would politely refuse to get in if he thought the air was too hot when I opened the car door.  Raki loved two people in the world, Sandy and me.  He politely tolerated lesser beings.  I miss him a lot, and maybe someday I can have another Tibbie that would measure up to him and enjoy the blessed experience of the Tibbie-Mind-Meld.
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Buffy, CGC
Oct 79 - 4 Dec 1994
Ch Tashi Ra Ki
Ch Braeduke Nam-Ra (Eng Import all time TP) X Ch Tashi Ti Ki Ann
26 Sep 88 - 12 Jun 97