DC Klasyx Chulista Blue Angel, CGC, CD, FCh, SC
NACA breed winner,
Sherman was an incredible dog.  I had seen his littermates at a Puget Sound Speciality and tried to buy one.  Sherman wasn't there, but he was for sale.  I liked his video so he came to live with me.  The litter he came from was outstanding - many champions and field titled dogs. 

Sherman was crazy for the lure.  The first few times he saw it, he would not chase it.  He is the main reason I tell people to try again after a rest if their dog does not seem interested.  He was also one of my good rabbit dogs.

Sherman was small but nicely put together; he was tended to be overlooked until he moved, then WOW!  He had eyes of BLACK and high set ears, sound construction, and a low tail.  He really was a pretty nice dog, but I never had a bitch I felt would be good with him so I never used him.  He has many nephews and nieces through his brothers and sister.

The last few months of his life, Sherman went to live with Diane in Utah, as an only dog.  Sadly, he developed cancer and only got a few months of camping and being a pet before we lost him.

Thank you Ann and Lois, for the wonder that Sherm was.
Ch WindNSatin Master of the Hunt, JC, CD X Ch Chulista American Beauty
1 Apr 95 - June 03, cancer
(Shown with breeder, Ann Stout)
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