Corrine's Sarcasm Page
IE (eye EE) Instant Expert.  This is a person, especially in the world of dogs, who has little practical experience but knows everything.

(jah WEE) Just Add Water Expert,  Similar to some camping foods, the JAWE shares the ability to just have water added to become complete.  Add water to a JAWE and you have a fully-fledged expert.  SEE IE.

KIA (KEE ya) Kicked in the Ass.  A Borzoi with this uncharming silhouette has so steep a croup as for it to appear vertical. When moving, it appears to be hunching up for nature's duty.  Sometimes shares qualites with the Hyena Borzoi.

Little Borzoi Syndrome
(leet el BOAR zoy SIN drome) A Borzoi with a chip on its shoulder who will fight at the drop of the hat.  Usually said Borzoi is below average in height.

Nazi Front (naht ZEE fruhnt) Borzoi front movement that resembles the goosestep.  Often referred to as "great reach" by those in the show game.

Shoebox Head (shoo boks HED) A popular type of head that looks like a shoebox turned on its side.  Proported to be the "correct type" by some "experts."

Vertical Croup (ver ti cul CROOP) When the area between the hips and the pin bones has too much angle.  Common Borzoi conformation fault and often rewarded by judges.

Water Buffalo Ears (WAH ter BUF uhlo EERS)
A Borzoi who has huge dangling low set ugly ears that resemble the horns on a water buffalo
Corrine Miller
A list of my phrases and acronyms

BOH (BAH)  Box of Hair.  A Borzoi referred to in this manner usually has no topline and no angles front or rear but absolutely drips in coat.  Also known as a "Special."

(ee SEE) Ego Challenged.  A person who sees any question or statement as a direct slam to their ego (even if said statement is generic and does not apply directly to them).  They will contentiously argue until death or blocked from  internet groups.

(HOE-ah) Head of Air.  This word is similar to another acronym, DOA (Dead on Arrival).  Basically, they refer to brain waves, which in both cases are flat-liners.

(HONE ez) From the spanish, cajones, or having testicles.  Having grit, balls, and the brazen practice of being honest without subtlety.

(HAWN ree) An adjective describing a  typical male Borzoi, that common  combination of orneriness merged with highly sexed horniness.

Hyena Borzoi
(hi EEN a BOAR zoy) A Borzoi which has the unattractive  combination of having a short body with hips set far below the withers.  ALSO referred to as "Buffalozoi."