Ch Arnolf's Magic Moment, CGC
Mo was a gift from my friend Barb Bouray, who had promised his breeders, Christie and Suzanne, that he would be shown.  Barbara gave him to me on a co-ownership on the understanding that I would finish his championship.  I thought he was a handsome dog, but I had no clue what awaited me when I started his show career.  I finished him in seven shows with back to back majors and two BoBs.  He had many BoBs in his fine career as a show dog.  Mo was not an obedience dog, a lure dog, or even an open field dog.  He preferred the show ring and the coach to other ventures.  He taught me many things, but mostly, the way to the truck, which he never forgot no matter where we were.
Ch Arnolf's Shiek of Araby X Ch Hot Pants Duncan, TP
21 Sep 1981 - 4 Dec 1992
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