Tonight I'm going to break away
Just you wait and see
I'll never be imprisoned by
A faded memory

Just when I think I'm over her
This broken heart will mend
I hear her name and I have to cry
The tears come down again

It happens all the time
This crazy love of mine
Wrapped around my heart
Refusing to unwind

Count the stars in a summer sky
That fall without a sound
Then pretend that you can't hear
These tear drops falling down

Poco, Crazy Love.  Lyrics by Rusty Young
In Loving Memory
Yah-Borick Firebird Viktoria, JC
Back to Viktoria
She was my dog
Now buried deep in Idaho earth
No more will her leash grow taunt with eagerness
Or her little tail wag

My heart screams her name
And no dog comes running

- Corrine
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