Grooming Your Borzoi
Notes by Corrine
Grooming your Borzoi can be very confusing at first.  I am inserting a few pictures and notes of some of the items I use to groom my dogs.

The picture shown here is of a pinbrush, left, and a bristle brush, right.  The pin brush is my preferred all purpose grooming tool for  Borzoi.  Buy a good one, maybe two, and remember that the more expensive brushes will be the best buy, as a general rule, in the long run. The brand I like is Hindes from England.  They last a long time.

To brush a Borzoi, use long strokes and go all the way to the skin.  In heavily coated areas you may need brush the coat out in layers.  I brush in the direction the coat lies.  Pin brushes keep damage to the coat down to a minimum.  I try and brush my dogs everyday with the pin brush.

The bristle brush is really more suited to short coated dogs.  It may tend to break long hair off and doesn't get through the undercoat like the pin brush can.
Pictured to the right are combs.  I use a "greyhound" type comb, like the one in the middle.  It usually has medium spaced teeth and closer spaced teeth.  The close ones are great for checking behind the ears.  Combs are useful for  maintenance on the feathering and for shedding times.  They also are nice for last minute touches right before the show ring because they make the hair all smooth and flowing.  I try to comb out my dogs at least once a month to make sure there's no matts building up.
Pictured to the left are slicker brushes.  I don't use them everyday because of coat breakage and the harshness of the little teeth on the skin of my dogs.  They are especially useful for removing hair during shedding season and for breaking up mats.  The best one is the Universal Brand slicker from Germany.  This is the red and white one pictured in the upper right hand corner.  Its curved design is the best for mat brushing and it holds up the best.  Universal slickers were used in the grooming shop where I used to work as a groomer.
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