Firebird Pertsovka
NACA ptd
Freddie was the beloved pet of my good friend, Rick Merle.  He spent many years running in the desert after blacktails and even got a few kills on rock chucks.  Fred was the epitome of the perfect Borzoi, temperament wise.  He was a confident, non pushy dog who accepted all with grace and aplomb.  He was Rick's gentle alpha dog.

Conformation wise, Fred had everything the other pups in the ltiter had:  big, sound gait;  tight tuck up; lovely topline with long fallaway; long, well carried tail; large soft eyes.  He also had more: a big coat and a narrow skull.  He was gorgeous.  His only problem is that he, so far, is the only monorchid I've produced. 

Fred was special.
Ch Zephyr's Reach Magic Mirth, LCM, CC, CM X  Zephyr's Reach Firebird M., CGC CD
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