Starkwolf's Lady Cinnabar, CDX (ptd)
Dess was a good girl her whole long life.  I  trained her via the Koehler and Strickland methods mostly on my own.  She was a very good worker and a very reliable retriever.  She obtained her CD in 3 trials and her CDX in three trials, placing first twice and fourth once in her Open career.  She was trained in Utility but we never quite got it together to get a leg, though we did enter once.  She was also pointed, but I didn't bother to try and finish her.  Her more East Coast type was quite different out here at the time.  She was an excellent hunter but was not interested in the lure.  She was smart, stubborn, selective and keen - everything a Borzoi should be, and the reason I still have Borzoi more than 20 years later.
Ch Sundown's Buccaneer X Sundown's Inherit the Wind
7 Oct 1981 - 18 Jul 1995
Our first CDX leg in Idaho Falls
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