Orange Blossom Special, SRC
BEST IN MATCH,AKC Conf.ptd., Singles Racing Champion
Dick & Dee Hanna, breeders
By Ch Raybill Tudex Doubloon X Ch Honky Tonk Angel
Choo Choo was given to us by friends Dee and Dick Hanna for a junior's dog and pet.  I resisted for a long time, but who can resist that face?   He has livened up things around here and is a perfect dog to do chores with.  He has to supervise everything: how much food I am giving to the birds, how I brush the Borzoi, how I pick up poop, EVERYTHING!  I've been a long time admirer of Smooth Foxes.  It's going to be a fun adventure, because Fox Terrors believe that everything should be fun.
Choo and I went to our first match spring 2009 and he took Best in Match.
photo by Byron McCombs, Speedbump
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A new lure courser at Firebird?  Not a bad Double Suspension Gallop!!
Choo's pedigree
photo by ASHLEIGH