Jay and Corrine's Baby
Photo by Wendy Powell
Jay and I have never gotten over our first Malibu, also a 1969.  This Chevelle joined us on 29 August 2009 after several Chevelle-passion filled years that reached fever pitch in the last year or so. 

This car has a ZZ4 350 engine coupled with a TCI 700R4 transmission.  Even if it wasn't so healthy drive-train wise, we would enjoy looking at it anyway.  The slim, sexy and refined 1969 Chevelle is Chevrolet's most beautiful car (in our opinions).  This will be a fun project for us to fiddle with and drive.  We've always been obsessed with CARS and especially 60 and 70 models. 

No Limit Classics Car Club

Honorary Uncle:  Ray II
Photo by Ray II
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Photo by Wendy Powell
Photo by Wendy Powell
It  was only a matter of time...meet SHAZAM!, a 1972 El Camino, here!
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