Int'l Ch Manitias Centime
V-1 rated (UK import)
Beautiful Centimeter filled our eyes and hearts.  Thanks to Lisa Cole for allowing this English beauty to come here and help fill the void of losing JR.  She was very beautiful, and it was a shame that she never had pups.  She showed her incredibly youthful physique by obtaining her International Championship at almost ten years of age.  Shortly after her tenth birthday, on 8 Jul 08, she cried out and fell dead off of her bed in the computer room from a probable aneurism.  We will miss you, WhirlyGirl.
July 07
BoS Oct 14 07, click for bigger image
She had beautiful high set ears, dark eyes, lovely tail, excellent upper arm, refined bone, and a broad, chunky build.  Her movement was clean and long and she had a funny, playful personality.  The best thing was watching her whirl in circles at dinner time.
Centime moving at almost ten years of age
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