Cell Phones Should Be REQUIRED in Cars
There's been talk about making it illegal to talk on your cellphone while you're driving.  The reasons are varied but most have to do with safety - the theory goes that if you're talking on the phone, you'll become distracted and possibly cause a wreck.

Hell, I think it should be
mandatory that you have a cell phone in your car.  Your phone number will be your license plate number.

I love this. It's beautiful!  Now when some idiot in front of you has the left blinker on for 4 miles you can just dial them up.  "HEY IDIOT, are you turning onto the freeway median or WHAT?"  Heh heh heh.

Some A-hole cuts you off, just punch in their number (and I do mean PUNCH IN, you're PISSED here).  "Hey buddy, what's the hurry?"  And when you get to the stop light egg 'em on:  "Boy all that fancy cutting and racing got you here at the same time it did me, HAW HAW HAW HAW!"

Somebody riding your ass?  Dart a glance in the rearview mirror, check out the license plate number, and go to town!

Heck, if you drive the same road , you may even get some of those people on speed dial.  Voice activated phone??  Alrighty then!

(c)Corrine Miller, 2002

Firebird Borzoi