Firebird Borzoi breeds on a very selective basis.  Most of the litters here are co-bred.  Sometimes pups/adults from the litters are available to a few choice homes. 

Proper temperament is paramount; breeding animals are selected first for suitable personalities.  The Borzoi Standard calls for courage, and since the standard is the guideline, individuals are chosen for their adherence to this criterion.  Keenness and intelligence are paramount when selecting Borzoi to be bred.

Health is very important.  Our dogs are always tested for eye problems. All dogs bred are DNA tested.  We've recently incorporated heart and DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) testing as well as thyroid testing.  Intensive studying of bloodlines goes into place before any breeding for any defects in health as per Dr Padgett.

We always try and breed for conformation qualities that enable at least part of our litters to be shown in the AKC ring.  We balance that with lure interest and, of course, temperament and health.

Our litters are always whelped in the house and puppies are always played with and socialized.  We use the bio sensor superdog program developed by the US military and adapted by Dr Carmen Battaglia to ensure hardy, stress resistant dogs.

Dogs at Firebird are pets first.  They are given every opportunity to shine in whatever venue they are good at, be it conformation, coursing, and/or obedience.  Most of the dogs will never be bred; only the finest reproduce to carry on their pheno/genotype.  Firebird Borzoi are never kenneled and live their life as companions.

We feel that most vaccination programs call for too many shots.  We therefore use Dr Jean Dodds' vaccination protocol with our all of our dogs.

We are great admirers of old English bloodlines, that "look" is something we always try to achieve through bloodline and type selection. Setting the standard, is, as always, the great Eng Ch Colhugh Clangers and the extremely beautiful Falconcrag Orestes, among others.

All decisions about litters at Firebird are the co-decisions of Corrine Miller and Julia C. Hislop (Juls Borzoi). 

Firebird is a registered Borzoi kennel name.
Firebird is an AKC Breeder of Merit.

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